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3P Marketplace Solutions brings over 30 years of retail Omni-Channel and Third-Party Marketplace experience and knowledge to your brand.

3P Marketplace Solutions is an Amazon Marketplace Top 1% seller.

Combining 3P Marketplace Solutions' technology and deep experience allows us to profitably and substantially increase your sales through our unique data-driven solution.

3P Marketplace Solutions is a data-focused, e-commerce retailer which sells directly to consumers on behalf of apparel and footwear manufacturers. Through our marketplace expertise and data analysis, we increase our supplier-partners B2C sales through the Amazon Third-Party Marketplace and

other Marketplaces like Ebay, Walmart, Google and others.


​​Mr. Jerry Kavesh is the Founder and CEO of 3P Marketplace Solutions, a Third-Party Marketplace Retail Company focused on providing apparel and footwear manufacturers Marketplace exposure and sales by providing an easy, affordable and profitable Marketplace turn-key solution to increase their consumer business as well as the ability to leverage our expertise via our consulting arm.

Mr. Kavesh has senior management experience in all facets of Omni-Channel specialty retailing – merchandising, marketing, financial, operations and company leadership. In addition, to developing and leading a multi-store specialty retail business across multiple channels (including brick & mortar, e-commerce, social media and catalog), Mr. Kavesh has held key senior management and advisor roles in a number of start-ups, non-profit community organizations and business trade groups.